Our Teams


Norm vanderee

Chairman of Council

We are committed to the Biblical offices of elders and deacons. The church belongs to Christ and the people called to these offices serve our congregation by teaching, encouraging and praying for the members of Christ's flock.

Jim & Jennifer Kamstra

Small Group Heads

Coordinates with the team to organize and place members in Bible Study Groups as well as chooses the study material.

Lydia Lodder & Geraldine VanRaalte

Prayer Team Leads

Organizes prayer evenings for community worship.

We create prayer cards on a monthly basis to address needs for prayer both within and outside of our congregation.



Music Coordinator

Works with Pastor to prepare worship liturgy, schedules accompaniment and introduces new music for gathering/parting.


Little Lambs & Kids Catechism

Coordinates both programs to engage and teach the children at Fellowship through lessons, song and memory work.

Andrew Kamstra

Outreach Committee Head

Along with a team of Fellowship members, organizes events that connect outward with the community.