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Due to the continued and rapid growth of the Corona Virus, Fellowship's in-person worship services have been cancelled until further notice. This decision was made in accordance with God's directions to love our neighbours and care for the vulnerable.

During this time, we recognize the need for and importance of regular worship and community! 

We have partnered with Blessings Christian Church and Ebenezer CanRC to livestream services at 10AM and 4PM (respectively) so we may worship together. God is good and to Him be the glory!
Please click on the buttons below to join in fellowship with us or to have someone help you!





Visiting a church can be intimidating. Knowing what to expect helps you focus on what matters most: worship.

Our church is called Fellowship because we have an emphasis on true Christian Fellowship in love. We are committed to the gospel, and to loving and caring for each other!

fellowship Church
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Sundays at 10:30 am and 6 pm